Chipotle Is Finally Rolling Out Dessert, And They Made The Perfect Pick

Visit any strip mall or plaza in the country, and you’re bound to run into a Chipotle. But here’s the problem (not that one): If you’re one of those people who needs something sweet to complete your casual dining experience, you weren’t going to find it on Chipotle’s menu (although that Sofritas quesadilla should have gotten you over that). But that’s all changed now, because Chipotle has heard your muffled cries for dessert and is continuing on its redemption tour by introducing what the people really want to its menu.

The first new menu item is a dessert staple called buñuelos. Not just specific to Mexico (a version can be found in countries all over the world), this confection consists of deep-fried tortillas topped with sugar, cinnamon, and honey and comes with a caramel dipping sauce. Who doesn’t love fried dough? It’s pretty much the only reason county fairs exist.

This isn’t the first major change for Chipotle. To ease customer relations after the E.coli outbreak of 2015, the company made their tortillas completely preservative-free. It also began rolling out new menu items and ingredients. Last year, Chipotle added chorizo sausage to the stable of meats available. And it looks like all the changes are working. According to Business Insider, the company revealed on Tuesday that sales at restaurants that have been open more than a year had gone up by 17.8 percent in the first quarter of 2017, “marking the first time that metric has turned positive since 2015” when you-know-what happened.

Where will the chain go from here? Buñuelos are the first non-savory items to grace Chipotle’s menu, but they definitely shouldn’t be the last! Could we expect churros, flan, or even a take on the famous tres leches cake in the near future?

Luckily, you won’t have to wait too long to try the dessert. According to BI, Chipotle will begin offering it in may, which perfectly coincides with Mother’s Day. Coincidence? We think not! Who needs flowers and cards when you can buy your mom a burrito and some buñuelos? Show her you love her!