A Daring Chipotle Loyalist Asked For Food Coupons As Part Of Her Food Poisoning Settlement

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Chipotle’s woes may finally be coming to a close. After their E.coli outbreak that left hundreds of people (in many states) sick with food poisoning, the brand did everything in their power to say they were sorry. From free burritos to setting up a loyalty program, Chipotle probably burned through their PR budget. But their bad luck may be coming to an end.

The brand settled nearly 100 legal cases from customers who got sick from eating the company’s grub. The terms of the deals were not disclosed, but The Denver Post reported that one customer had asked for free-burrito coupons as part of her settlement. Man, Chipotle sure has a devoted fan base. Not only did they get sick from their favorite fast food chain, but they’re coming back for more. William Marler, an attorney that represented 97 of the customers, told The Denver Post in all his years of practicing law, he had never seen anything like this:

“In 25 years of doing foodborne illness cases, I’ve never had a client ask for coupons for the restaurant they had gotten sick at. In fact, some (clients) had gone back to the restaurant, and they would call me and say, ‘Do you think it’s bad that I went back and got a burrito?’”

Marler went on to say that while none of his other clients asked for coupons, he heard others have done the same. “It’s a little odd, but it probably says something positive about Chipotle.” People must really love their burritos.

(Via The Denver Post)