A Simple Mistake Resulted In This Guy Getting Hundreds Of Texts From Chipotle Customers Demanding Free Burritos

Chipotle Mexican Grill
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In an attempt to get back in customers’ good graces for, uh, everything, in general, but specifically closing stores briefly for safety training yesterday, Chipotle offered free burritos to anyone who texted “RAINCHECK” to the number 888-222. Which was nice. But phone numbers generally have seven digits, and people tend to get excited about free burritos, so a bunch of them got carried away and texted it to 888-2222 instead. And if they did that and they lived in the Maryland area, their texts went to a man named Hank Levine.

Point being: Hank Levine received over 200 texts yesterday from hungry Chipotle devotees demanding free burritos.

When Levine replied to the first text with a question mark, he said the customer responded, “I want my burrito,” clearly unaware of the mix-up.

Levine had to explain that the customer had the wrong number. The customer alerted Levine to the promotion.

“The first thing I did was do it, so now I have a coupon for a free burrito. The second thing I said was, ‘This is going to be a problem,’” said Levine.

There’s a lot to like here. Imagine Levine’s face as he stared at this conversation on his phone’s screen:

I want my burrito

It’s beautiful, like a haiku in progress. And kudos to him for his priorities in the situation, jumping on his free burrito before worrying about how this would affect him throughout the day. Guy’s got his head on straight.

According to ABC News, Levine contacted Chipotle about the mix-up, and a customer service representative apologized and offered him coupons for free entrees, in addition to the free burrito he already scored. If Chipotle keeps going at this rate, Hank will have his own franchise by March.

(Via ABC News)