Folks Were Quite Unhappy With This Father’s Supposed Chipotle Ingredients ‘Hack’

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If you ever wanted to spark heated discussion and find out what makes people angry, share your odd feelings about fast food online. Better yet, create a “life hack” and share it with the opinionated masses so they can take note. They’ll either go out of their way to try it themselves and give you praise, or they’ll start hoping for your early demise in some sort of horrifying fast food accident.

That’s what Josh Williams found out when he took a chance and shared the trick above after a recent visit to Chipotle. This would keep all the burritos and tacos in pristine condition, saving them from a soggy ride home and a disappointing evening in front of the TV with a fork and the intestines of your burrito strewn across a plate.

Williams did his best to explain his position to Buzzfeed and why this sort of request isn’t too odd for his living situation. When you have kids, a busy wife, and you live somewhere in the middle of nowhere, you have to hope people will get creative with you:

When we’ve done this before, they often fall apart by the time they make the long trip home [because] we live in a small town about 45 minutes from the nearest Chipotle restaurant,” said Williams. “So on a similar trip a couple months ago, either my wife or I had the idea the get the cold ingredients on the side so we could reassemble [the tacos] at home.”

As Buzzfeed points out, plenty of folks were behind Williams 100% and even tried this out themselves in the past. It isn’t the worst idea and clearly Chipotle has those containers for a reason.

But as you can guess, plenty of other people had a problem with this. There was no shortage of food service veterans, environmental defenders, and just general outraged internet commenters rushing to let Williams know that he was doing it wrong:

Williams took notice of all the replies and didn’t just stay quiet, working to defend himself and his living situation in Napa Valley according to Lifehacker. He refuted the claims about the wasted plastic and then proceeded to poke some fun at himself and the replies on Twitter, pointing out that it was certainly one way to create that sweet, sweet engagement.

Williams also told Buzzfeed that the bag contained a full three orders of ingredients, not just a deconstruction, but he also agreed that the folks who took the time to put it together deserve a tip. There was also some kind words for Chipotle tossed in:

“In spite of all the Chipotle hate on the thread, I’m a fan. It’s fresh, and I like the chicken. And the green tomatilla is ?,” said Williams. “And we actually make tacos at home ALL THE TIME, but if the fridge is empty and you’re in a bind, this is a solid alternative.”

What’s clear here is that Williams is not alone in his decision to get a deconstructed burrito to take home and recreate the restaurant experience. For every food service worker that hated the idea of doing extra work for little pay, there were a few that noted that customers do it all the time AND it might not even be worth it if you’re hoping to get the same toppings you’d get on a traditional burrito.

Lifehacker provided a nice list of items that food service workers also hate putting together, bringing back memories of Starbucks’ unicorn frappuccino and the baristas who cursed its existence. The list goes from the innocent annoyances to the downright mean, like placing your tip on the table to start and docking it as the meal proceeds. At least stab it to the table before you leave if that’s your method of tipping.

(Via Lifehacker / Buzzfeed)