Chipotle’s New Burger Restaurant Is Open And The Reactions Are Coming In Hot

Chipotle debuted their brand new fast food burger restaurant called Tasty Made in Lancaster, Ohio today. The launch of Tasty Made comes in the wake of Chipotle’s very well publicized struggle to rebound from a devastating E. coli scandal. Because let’s face it, when loyalty programs, free food, and adventurous new meats fail to revive a restaurant, the answer is obviously, “Open more different restaurants!”

According to a press release, Tasty Made is based on the original fast food model, a model that sounds kind of like In-N-Out’s. Tasty Made’s menu includes burgers grilled to order, hand-cut fries, and milkshakes. They also boast patties made from beef raised without antibiotics or added hormones. All this is well and good but will it be the key to the company’s future? So far, people in Lancaster, Ohio have given the impression that no, sadly it won’t be.

Do you know how you can be sure that these people are genuinely disappointed by Tasty Made? It’s because the reactions are so simple. @dotBryce and @babyykateee aren’t trying to make a scene and get a reaction from the company, they’re just calling it as they see it.

And yet, people can’t resist the intrigue.

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Chipotle makes a burger. #tastymade

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A couple people were surprised by the cost of the food.

Honestly, honestly, we’re always down for a good burger. So if Chipotle wants to bring it, we’re eager. But if you can’t make it with burgers in Lancaster, Ohio, next to a Papa John’s, you might have trouble.

(Via Eater)