Chocolate ‘Singles’ Are Here To Change Everything And Cure All The World’s Problems

It’s hard not to be hyperbolic about this one. Bourbon, a Japanese company that makes various types of confections for baking, has decided the easiest way to make yourself a homemade swiss roll is to sell you chocolate that’s already been sliced.

Like Kraft American Cheese single, with chocolate. Which…why has this not been in the dairy aisle for years?

The chocolate is even packaged the same way, in individually wrapped slices. Which of course leads Americans to think: “Grilled chocolate sandwich. Perfect.” (Or S’MORES SANDWICH! SMOREWICH!).

Unfortunately, the chocolate singles are only available overseas (but you can have them shipped!). We can also see this sort of thing catching on in the grocery aisle of other countries. Which ones? All of them. Chocolate is great and this makes baking with it very easy.

The Bourbon recipe website heavily promotes making chocolate cut-outs for pretty much any reason.

The slices are actually “nama chocolate,” which is more like ganache than a block of Hershey’s. The creamier texture of nama chocolate makes the slices more amenable to molding and shaping it without having to temper it. Translation: Bendy. Bendy chocolate.

You can buy them at Bourbon’s online store, but a caution: The site is in Japanese, and you’ve got to buy in bulk, which will set you back at least $27, plus shipping.

Who cares? Bulk chocolate! When has chocolate ever gone to waste?

via Nerdist