Oreo Just Released A Flavor That Tastes Like Your Favorite Discontinued ’90s Snack

01.19.16 4 years ago


So far, 2016 is proving to be a very exciting year. In less than three weeks, we’ve all had the chance to become instant billionaires, a new chicken sandwich was introduced at Shake Shack, and there’s a Presidential election right around the corner! It would be selfish to ask for anything more from this year.

But 2016 is more generous than the rest of us and happens to be the year that keeps on giving. Do you know why? Because as of yesterday, Cinnamon Bun Oreos became available AND your favorite cookie company also brought back Red Velvet Oreos! Here’s to finally resolving our woes about what to have for breakfast!

After announcing the new flavor in September, Oreo lovers around the world began dissecting the packaging and speculating about the newest flavor. The packaging is noticeably void of a “Limited Edition” label and weighs a whopping 12.2 oz. (rather than the usual 10.7 oz. limited edition size) which has really got people excited.

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