25 Clever Homemade Halloween Costumes Based On TV Shows

Entertainment Editor
10.06.17 2 Comments

PICKLE RICK!!! (Rick and Morty) by Doc Cane Cosplay.

We’re sharing Halloween costumes all month — we’ve got your inexpensive DIY costumes and Pennywise from It. This next batch is for the binge watchers. Some of these would be easy to replicate, but for some, like the PICKLE RICK!!! above, we can’t explain how the glory came to be. We’re at a loss for words. You could even say we should just shut up and be impressed.

Clearly, some of this year’s best picks are Rick And Morty costumes:

Mr. Poopybutthole (Rick and Morty) by Doc Cane Cosplay.

Noob-Noob (Rick and Morty) photographed by Ethan Trewhitt.

Birdperson (Rick and Morty) costume by melikebirds.

Mr. Meeseeks (Rick and Morty) photographed by Doc Cane Cosplay.

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