This Club For Attractive People Only Sounds Like The Worst Idea Of All Time


If you want to date the most attractive people in the world, there’s one site that claims to have only the hottest singles in the entire universe. It’s called Beautiful People and it’s an exclusive club which not everyone (including some writers you may already know) will get into. In fact, the club — which has, until now, only enjoyed an online presence — is so exclusive that people with very high self-esteem and the ability to make good choices for themselves have allegedly even gotten plastic surgery to gain access (although neither the guy who went under the knife to look like David Beckham nor the woman who dropped $25,000 to look like J-Law are likely to make the grade.)

Unfortunately, the online dating world isn’t enough for the most attractive people to grace god’s green earth, so Greg Hodge, the man who started this whole thing (please see picture here) is trying to move the magic offline and into the real world, where he’s creating a “safe space” for those lucky enough to be considered elite glamazons to socialize without having to deal with anyone with average or (god forbid) below average facial features.

From Bravo TV:

The bar will be an exclusive, members only safe space for the gorgeous people to hang out in, where they won’t be visually assaulted by the sight of ugly people. No misshapen faces here m’aam. You can be assured only symmetrical beauties are inside so you don’t have a reaction.

The first step to getting in is to join the website, where you send headshots, bodyshots and a profile. Why are we bothering with the profile part? Applicants then have to pass a rating process where existing members vote on applicants over a nail-biting 48-hour period. You can check in on where you stand during the voting process. If accepted, you join, attend BP events, and mate with other BP’s hoping for a BP baby.

This doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all! And we’re sure that anyone who would join a club that bases its membership only on whether your face is symmetrical (that’s what beauty is, right?) is totally someone who most of us would like to know! But just in case you’re feeling a little upset that you might not be allowed to join in because your face isn’t up to snuff, Hodge says there are ways a person who is not blessed with true beauty can gain entrance into the club. You just have to show up with someone who’s already approved and then allow a member of the actual beauty police decide whether you’re good-looking enough to get in. Looks-based pettiness! It’s not just for middle school dances anymore!

You can check out where all the magic will be happening here, and you may try visiting for yourself if you’re in the Los Angeles area. Of course, there are better things to spend your time and money on which include literally anything else and also potato chips which are both cheap and better for you than spending a night in a room with a group of people who pride themselves on their looks so hard that they actually take membership in this club seriously.

But, you know:

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