The Best Cocktail Mixers For Holiday Entertaining

11.28.17 1 year ago


Unless you’re stuck in the Upside Down, you’re probably aware that we are in the midst of a craft cocktail renaissance. Every city has at least a handful of great cocktail bars. The rise of the American fascination with craft cocktails has also brought with it an increase in home-bartending. This means that more people are stocking up on the spirits and ingredients needed to make their favorite cocktails in the comfort of their own home. But, setting up a home bar can be expensive. That’s why it’s important to have a few cocktail mixers (and no we aren’t talking about cloyingly sweet supermarket sour mix) on hand at all times, because who knows when a random party will just break out. It’s the holidays after all.

Collins Classic Bloody Mary Mix

You might enjoy a Bellini or a Momosa during brunch, but the real queen of breakfast cocktails in the Bloody Mary. A great Bloody Mary requires a great Bloody Mary mix. Collins’ Classic Bloody Mary is made with real sugar, tomato juice and contains no high-fructose corn syrup. All you need to complete the world’s best brunch is to add your favorite vodka.

The pickleback is a drink that consists of a shot of your favorite whiskey followed closely behind with a shot of pickle juice. Why this is popular, we’ll never know. But, to do it properly, you can open a jar of pickles and drain the juice or you can purchase a bottle of Pickle Juice. As a bonus, pickle juice is a great alternative to sports drinks and has been known to stop the cramps usually associated with athletic competition. Seriously.

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