Coke Is About To Introduce Its First New Flavor In Ten Years


Millennials, in their undying love of destroying the foundations of American life and their search for low-calorie beverage options, are killing the soda industry. The palate of the young is being increasingly washed by crafters of “essence-infused” seltzers like La Croix, and the big soda companies just can’t figure out how best to compete. Now Coke, the Polar Bear and Santa Loving beverage (and ultimate pizza pairing, fight me) has decided the best way to regain sales might be by offering the market something fresh — because they’re just about to introduce their first new flavor in ten years.

Orange Vanilla Coke, a Creamsicle-inspired mixture, is set to hit stores on February 25th. Coke noticed that their Cherry and Vanilla flavored Coca-Colas were still performing well, despite the increasingly crowded market of 21st-century sodas, so brand director Kate Carpenter looked to nostalgia for the newest flavor, writing in the company blog:

“We wanted to bring back positive memories of carefree summer days… That’s why we leaned into the orange-vanilla flavor combination — which is reminiscent of the creamy orange popsicles we grew up loving.”

If you’ve never had a 50/50 Orange Creamsicle bar before, you’re seriously missing out on one of the most delicious flavor combinations to ever hit the popsicle world. While we’re having a hard time imagining what that is going to taste like in soda form, we’re eager to find out.

Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero are set to hit stores on February 25th.