Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream Is Coming And People Are Beyond Excited

Oregon has just outdone itself. In a food merger made in “dream of the ’90s” heaven, Tillamook has joined hands with Stumptown Coffee to create its newest flavor of ice cream: Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee.

“Portland-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters makes its cold brew coffee without heat, steeping it for over 12 hours until it’s smooth and sweet,” the flavor’s accidentally rhyming description boasts. “We blend it with milk free of artificial growth hormones to create the creamiest version of ice cream we’ve ever made. It’s a coffee you’ll want to enjoy by the spoonful.”

Coffee ice cream is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean Oregonians (and really, the entire nation) aren’t rejoicing. Just check out some of the Twitter reactions to the news:

The flavor hasn’t shipped out to stores yet, but when it does, you can bet we’ll be getting our sticky hands on a quart of it. Until then, we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves with Stumptown affogatos.

And before you worry that this is us schilling for Stumptown or Tillamook or Big Dairy, please know that we serve a higher God than any corporation: food loving hipsters. And dammit — if the fixie-riding, cacao-safe-wording, “This place is OVER”-bellowing Portlanders want us to gush along with them, we’ll do it!