An Airline Is Making A Bid To Pull Seats Completely

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06.30.17 10 Comments


Airlines have been making it more uncomfortable to fly for years. But still, they’ve never quite gotten as far as just yanking all the seats and turning the thing into a bus with wings. Until now, anyway, as a Colombian airline is actively pursuing standing room only flights.

According to Yahoo!, Colombian budget airline VivaColombia is looking into what it would take to pull the seats, period. To understand why, you just need to consider the brutal economics of flight. Getting a giant metal vehicle in the air is expensive, by its very nature, so the more money you can make with each flight, the better off your airline is. And if you make your money cutting prices down to their absolute cheapest, the way VivaColombia does, then trading seats, which are dead weight, for passengers, who pay to be there, makes a lot of economic sense. Of course, even they acknowledge the passengers won’t enjoy it much, but the goal is to get from point A to point B, not relax.

Will VivaColombia pull it off? Colombia civil aviation authorities don’t seem very happy about the idea, and they might still say no. But if VivaColombia can sell it, American airlines likely won’t be far behind.

(via Yahoo!)

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