Clear Coffee Is Here To Give You A Buzz And Keep Your Teeth White


Nothing ruins a Groupon for half-off teeth whitening like a nice cup of coffee every single morning. While delicious and capable of possibly reducing age-related disorders, coffee leaves your teeth looking they’ve never known the love of a good toothbrush . It’s great for dentists and bad for your pockets, but Big Dental may have just met its nemesis wth Clear Coffee.

Billed as the “first colorless coffee drink in the world,” the makers of Clear Coffee, brothers David and Adam Nagy, have figured out a way to give java lovers high-quality coffee using methods “which have never been used before” and won’t ruin their teeth. My money’s on witchcraft. Colorless coffee?! Outrageous. But oh it’s true. According to CLR CFF’s website:

Due to this combination of technology and high-quality ingredients a drink has been developed which is unique in taste and flavour. Our product does not contain preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilizers, sugar or any other sweeteners.

Normally, the only clear liquids I enjoy are water and vodka, but I’m down to try some Clear Coffee. People who’ve tasted the novelty beverage claim it’s “drinkable,” which sounds good enough to me. One drinker said the coffee has a “cheap wine” aftertaste and would probably pair great with a “splash of rum,” also another positive.

Clear Coffee is currently only available in the UK. However, the makers are working on delivering to the United States.