This Corgi Just Graduated From UCLA Without Crippling Debt

Full disclosure: I am a corgi owner. I’ve actually owned two corgis in my life, with my latest corgi driving me crazy at the tender age of 16 weeks. In preparation for that sweet, sweet puppy life, I looked up some YouTube videos about what it’d be like to raise a pup (I adopted my previous corgi when he was a bit older) and stumbled upon little Pavlov’s Instagram. I drifted from his many updates, but my wife became obsessed, and so by association Pavlov would be a big part of my life. Now, like a weird uncle that never met him, he’s graduating from college. I’ve never been so proud.

Anthony Osuna and Elayne Tram Nguyen, Pavlov’s humans, were former UCLA students who now work on campus. Naturally, since Pavlov was such a big part of their life, he became a big part of UCLA. Now they’re moving on to new jobs, and so, Pavlov must graduate.

Speaking to Mashable, Pavlov’s humans explained why Pavlov got to walk the aisle in cap sans gown.

“Pavlov’s graduation was something that we thought would be cute and fun since the UCLA community has been such a big part of Pavlov’s life thus far. Since this is our last year on campus, we really wanted to both share UCLA with Pavlov and Pavlov with the UCLA community. Pavlov’s journey as a UCLA student is sort of like a documentation of our UCLA experience.”

Look at him. He has his whole derpy life ahead of him. And the best part is that he’s got no debt to burden his future full of bones and barks.

(Via Mashable)