This Band Just Dropped Their Latest Album Via A Craft Beer Can

There are countless ways to drop an album these days. Remember when Beck released Song Reader as a sheet music book? Or when Prince gave away copies of Planet Earth with British fish-wrapper Mail On Sunday? Yeah, both of those things happened.

Well, there’s a new high in album dropping gimmickry, and this is one we can totally get behind. The Lights Out are a band who describe themselves as “a music and light project that takes people on a journey through parallel worlds,” and they just dropped their latest album T.R.I.P. via a beer can.

That’s right. You need to pick up a Aeronaut T.R.I.P. beer to get The Lights Out’s new album; the beer cans have a code for you to access the album online. The two teamed up awhile back with Aeronaut Brewing crafting a special Imperial Session IPA which they describe as “a paradox in a can — representing the full range of possibilities, brought together in a supremely drinkable offering.” The whole beer was crafted to pair perfectly with the tunes and packs a hoppy wallop at 7.5 percent ABV.

It’s certainly an intriguing combination — a well-crafted beer and a rock album to jam to while you get your drink on. The upside is that even if you don’t like the music, you’ll still have a nice cold beer to drink. You can check out their launch video below.

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