You Can Get Your Cricket Fix In A Scoop Of Ice Cream Now

Shutterstock / Uproxx

Like it or not, eventually we might all have to embrace crickets as a sustainable food source. The protein dense critters are already a popular food source in South America and Southeast Asia, although western culture has been, shall we say, not as quick to jump on the cricket train.

So what better way to get used to eating bugs than with the thought of sweet, delicious ice cream? Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia, internet famous for their viral 2012 commercial in which an ice cream person eats itself, is serving up crickets by the scoop in a limited batch this summer. But as Danya Henninger of BillyPenn notes, thankfully customers won’t be biting into cricket parts like they’re dang chocolate chips.

Instead, the Cricket Cake Ice Cream will feature much more manageable-sounding “financiers,” small French almond cakes baked with ground up cricket flour. Little Baby’s co-founder explained that they’re not afraid of selling weird stuff and that the Cricket Cake will be on the menu alongside all of their “regular” flavors (which, to be fair, include “Earl Grey Sriracha,” “Everything Bagel,” and “Ranch,” to name a few).

The flavor was inspired by the Philadelphia Insectarium’s new Butterfly Pavilion, and to kick off the debut, the Insectarium will be hosting a pop-up insect petting zoo outside of Little Baby’s “World Headquarters” on Friday. So if you live in the Philadelphia area and want to check out a sustainable new food trend (which may soon become mandatory), you couldn’t pick a better time.

(Via BillyPenn)