Crystal Pepsi Is Coming Back This Summer To Make All Your ’90s Dreams Come True

This is going to be an excellent summer for nostalgia. Lisa Frank is releasing adult coloring books, the Ecto Cooler is returning to store shelves, and you can, for a limited time, enjoy your Pepsi (if you like that sort of thing) in its purest form. That’s right, friend. No longer must you wonder what lies beneath under all that tarry coloring. This summer, you’re going clear.

According to a press release from Pepsi, the drink will be available in Canada on July 11th and in the states on August 8th. There’s no word on how long the unnervingly see-through beverage will be around, so you should stock up while you can. And while you’re at it, you may consider dipping back into your pool of ’90s memories by reliving them with Crystal Pepsi’s new game based on The Oregon Trail.

Of course, considering that Pepsi actually wants you to buy their products, this game will likely feature less death than the original (and also less crying into the period you had right after your computer class. What the hell were they thinking letting nine-year-olds play a game in which everyone would die of broken arms and dysentery?)

But wait, friend! That’s not all! You can’t just drink your Crystal Pepsi on its own, can you? No! That’s why you’ve got to get yourself a Beefy Crunch Burrito while you’re at it. Douse that in some clear gravy, and you’ve got a summer kid you would envy like whoa.