Crystal Pepsi’s Glorious Return Is Celebrated In A Brand New ’90s-tastic Ad

Has it felt like you’ve been trying to fill an emotional void since 1993? Are family, friends, and patriotic duty not enough to patch up this empty space? Don’t worry. Crystal freaking Pepsi is here to solve all of your problems!

As we noted way back in the simpler days of June 2015, this ’90s soda curio is making a brief but welcome comeback. In case you weren’t alive at the time, people went temporarily batsh*t crazy over the prospect of drinking a clear cola. Unlike our obsession with Right Said Fred, Crystal Pepsi quickly fell out of fashion after its early ’90s launch and has been spoken about with nostalgia boners ever since.

The realness of Crystal Pepsi’s return is now being trumpeted in a cute time-traveling ad that celebrates all the very ’90s-y things you can meld with this returning beverage. “Whoomp! (There It Is!)” makes an appearance, as does crappy era-specific internet, and some excellent styling choices. Consider this an endorsement to poke around in elevators seeing if you can send yourself to a magic floor of some sort.

As for actually getting your hands on the beverage, you can win a six-pack of the clear stuff if you enter the soda giant’s sweepstakes via the Pepsi Pass app. (If it were a more ’90s-y promotion you could just see if you won by checking under the cap, but time makes fools of us all.) Winners will receive their prize “on or around December 24” with a maximum of one winner per household. Only Americans can win and a grand total of 13,000 Crystal Pepsi gifts are up for grabs. Moaning about the lack of massive relaunch can begin RIGHT NOW (HEY!).