Why Cupcakes Deserve To Be Your Winter 2016 Hibernation Snack

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Now that we’re deep into February, even the most determined resolution-makers have thrown their goals for self-improvement aside. To attempt any sort of betterment during winter is probably a fool’s errand anyway. Technically, humans don’t hibernate, but if anyone spends their free time in the winter doing anything other than eating and hiding away from the cold, I certainly haven’t met them. If you want me to work out and eat a bunch of vegetables, I’m going to need a little more sunshine than January and February can afford.

Finding the right snack for your weekend hermiting sesh/Netflix binge can be a tricky thing. Donuts are nice. An Eggo waffle sandwich with Nutella inside can work. But I’m going to suggest a dark horse candidate: the cupcake. Over the past few years, cupcakes have gone in and out of vogue as the internet’s “It Food,” but they deserve to be your snack obsession regardless of the public’s stamp of approval.

Ease of Access



When you emerge from your nest of blankets, there is a lot to consider when picking out a snack. Can it be eaten easily without getting all over? Will it keep you satisfied for a while so you don’t have to trudge to the kitchen again too soon after? Can it be snacked upon with limited utensils? Our beloved cupcake hits all the marks, making it the ideal snack for your winter hibernation.

Now that you have an excuse (it’s cold outside, duh) to catch up on Netflix, a cupcake in hand will turn your binge into an A+ experience.

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