Is Apple Launching A Curved-Screen iPhone?

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The new iPhone is coming, as we all know, and the release date’s even been leaked by Barbra Streisand. So now the speculation has shifted to the iPhone that arrives next year, for the smartphone’s tenth anniversary. Some of the theories are sensible, some seem a bit out there, and the new rumor of a curved-screen iPhone seems to fall into both categories.

The curve in question isn’t a phone shaped like a banana, but rather more like Samsung’s Edge series of phones, where the screen spills over the side of the phone to put buttons or other features on the side. While the idea sounds gimmicky, it would have a degree of appeal to Apple, as it would help the company excise physical buttons from its phones in favor of digital controls. That would also be handy if those rumors of an all-glass phone turn out to be true, as the manufacturer wouldn’t have to drill holes for any buttons, a tricky prospect in terms of working with glass.

And, in fact, Apple has shown an interest in curved screens. Still, we’ve got an entirely new iPhone to come out before we can start speculating on Apple’s space phone; we’ll likely see the next iPhone in September.

(Via Mashable)

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