This Woman Is Buried Under An Avalanche Of Cute Wolfdog Puppies And Our Jealousy Knows No Bounds

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01.20.16 2 Comments

Cuteness is king on the internet (well, alongside porn and hurling threats at strangers), but we’re not sure you can handle the cuteness stuffed into the video located above. It’s too cute. Industrial strength cute. Cute enough to turn you into Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures. You’ll go mad from all the cu– What’s that? You’ve already hit play? Fair enough.

What are we babbling on about? It’s the sight of a woman named Sonata Carpathica being swarmed by the cutest gaggle of wolfdog pups you’ve ever seen. These lovable lil’ guys ‘attack’ their human pal with gusto, covering her body in a perpetually moving blanket of a dozen puppies. Sonata giggles, the cameraperson giggles and we giggle while admitting we’re a tinge jealous that’s not us getting all those kisses. LOVE US, PUPPIES! PLEASE!

Metro notes that Sonata has been helping raise these adorable buds since they were born at the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Kennel. Not only is that a lovely thing to do, but it also means that she’s posted some aww-worthy puppy pictures on Facebook. Let’s sneak a quick peek, shall we?

*incomprehensible squealing*

So cute it’s not even fair.


*puts on White Town’s “Your Woman” and fantasizes what’d be like to hang out with those pups*

(Via ViralNova)

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