Meet The Street Artist Who’s Planning A School For Urban Youth

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Street art has the ability to take all the “normal” of an everyday urban landscape and transform it into something extraordinarily beautiful. And because any surface can be a canvas, every neighborhood is a gallery with its art accessible to all. It’s the medium of the people, and whether it’s making a political statement, bringing a splash of color to an abandoned building, or making people laugh, street art creates a visceral reaction in the folks living in, working near, or walking past it.

You have to have passion to sneak out in the middle of the night to paint your truth; you must have drive and commitment to take on a commissioned piece that’s 11 stories high. It’s a living, breathing type of storytelling that changes depending on the time of day, the light, and the people who interact with it. It’s truth telling by the vandals and the mischief makers — only for the brave and (just slightly) insane.

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