Listen To An Exclusive Preview Of ‘Dead and Gone’ — A Podcast On The Wild World Of Missing And Murdered Grateful Dead Fans

If you love true crime podcasts — and let’s face it, who doesn’t — and also getting stoned — again, who doesn’t? — you’ve probably thought at least once during a pod, “That’s cool man, but how can I get more of the Grateful Dead into this?”

No? Is that just us? Well, either way, if you love true crime podcasts and The Grateful Dead you’ll be happy to know that somebody finally had the good sense to combine those two subjects into one thing. Dead and Gone is a new true-crime podcast from Tenderfoot TV, hosted by Disgraceland‘s Jake Brennan and Up and Vanished‘s Payne Lindsey. The premise is pretty straightforward — it explores the mysterious world of murdered and missing “Dead Heads.”

The cases covered in Dead and Gone, which span a period of five decades, have little in common at a superficial glance, but one strange commonality unifies them — all of the unsolved cases have a Dead Head at the center. Whether it’s a ticket stub, a t-shirt, or the murder of two fans following a Bay Area concert in 1985, Dead and Gone presents eerie connections between these unsolved murders and the Grateful Dead that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, as every great true-crime podcast should.

Ahead of Dead and Gone‘s debut episode, which launches tomorrow, we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek into the show so packed full of atmosphere that it will transport your from your living room straight into a foggy night in 1980’s San Francisco’s Caesar Chavez park. At a double murder scene. Take a listen to the first 10 minutes of tomorrow’s episode above, and then throw on “Truckin'” to lighten the mood.