This Deaf Man Recorded The Heartwarming Aftermath Of Himself Saving A Young Deer From An Icy Death

Bambi must have had a guardian angel looking out for him (or her) this week, after having gotten itself stuck in some icy water. Luckily for the deer, a Good Samaritan just happened to be driving by when he spotted the deer and sprung into action. The above video was likewise taken by the Good Samaritan, who happens to be deaf, explaining what happened, one-handed signing as he holds the camera with the other hand.

If you don’t understand sign language, a family friend of the man who posted the video to Reddit was helpfully able to translate:

I was driving along when I see this deer struggling to survive. I felt obligated to help her, so I pulled over, trekked through the woods, and crawled out onto the ice. I used a rope to pull her out. I am so glad she is safe. Now we need to find her mom.

[After he pets deer] I will call her Miss Ice River. She must be so cold. I am so happy that she survived. Farewell.

Unfortunately there were no further updates and it’s to be assumed that the man went on his way after rescuing the deer, but since deer are pretty resilient, we can only assume it went on to survive the ordeal. I’m not sure how many “lives” deer are supposed to have, but hopefully this one stays off the ice (and out of traffic) from now on.

(Via Reddit)