This Person Doesn’t Have The Heart To Break The News To Grandma About Her ‘Decorative Rock’

One hundred percent true story: In 1993, I went to see Robin Hood: Men in Tights with my sister and cousin, both a few years younger, and before the movie we all got one of those giant, baseball-sized Jawbreakers at a candy store in the mall. The three of us sat towards the back and I want to say it was maybe 10 minutes into the movie when my cousin dropped hers on the floor, which then took a loud and excruciatingly long time to slowly roll up to the front of the theater. To this day, I remember the sound as we shrunk down in our seats hoping no one would notice us.

We never did find out what became of that Jawbreaker, but I would love to think it ended up going on some grand, fanciful adventure that eventually ended with becoming a knick-knack on some old lady’s table. That’s the only way I can think to explain these photos that a Redditor posted of his or her grandmother’s “decorative rock” that they “don’t have the heart to tell her” is actually an industrial-sized Jawbreaker, broken open like a magical geode to display the colorful sugar rings found within.

Hey, if this lady wants to believe that she is the owner of a very special decorative rock, I see no need to change that. Believe on, old lady.

(Via Reddit)