Delta Created Clumsy Propaganda Posters And Twitter Had Thoughts


When it comes to your job, sometimes you have to make hard decisions. Like… whether you should form a union or buy a new video game console?

That’s the way Delta Airlines sees it according to this new anti-union propaganda poster the airline is reportedly using. The poster in question was first brought to the internet’s attention thanks to Eoin Higgins, a senior editor at the non-profit progressive news outlet Common Dreams, who tweeted a photo of a poster that reads “Union dues cost around $700 a year. A new video game system with the latest hits sounds like fun. Put your money towards that instead of paying dues to the Union.”

We don’t know what Delta is talking about, because, for all three of the major gaming systems on the market, you could easily find a bundle that includes the system and a game or two for well under $400. Also, why would anyone have to choose between those two things? By that logic, why not any two things? Did you know you could buy 3,192 ounces of Skittles from Amazon for $700? Or you know, you could join a union to help you get your rights, your choice!

While airline pilots and dispatchers are already represented by their own unions, other airline employees do not enjoy the same level of representation. It’s Delta’s ramp workers who are making moves to organize in this case — their efforts are meant to combat the airline’s cap on the number of hours part-time employees can work, and what they see as expensive and inadequate health insurance.

Delta has yet to respond, but it’s only a matter of time considering the Twitter chatter poking fun at how painfully out of touch Delta seems to be.

Fast Company reports that Delta’s last earnings report showed the company’s revenue exceeding their own expectations by hitting $10.47 billion, with overall profits reaching $730 million. Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian received over $13 million in compensation in 2017, while the average airline employees hourly wage is only $14.31.

Delta’s poster isn’t the airlines only attempt at battling the unionization efforts of their employees, they have a whole website dedicated to it called Don’t Risk It Don’t Sign It, with a special section titled “Rumor Control.”