Discontinued Food Flavors You Might Still Hunger For

09.25.15 4 years ago 39 Comments

Let’s face it: Doritos Rainbows probably aren’t going to be a permanent fixture on supermarket shelves anytime soon. No huge surprise there, they were a specialty item made to support a very worthy cause but the neon colors are a bit much for daily consumption. Regardless, it won’t be the first time a Doritos product came and went. In fact, as snack food and beverage companies jostle for market dominance, adding and discontinuing flavors is commonplace. Occasionally, through the unstoppable force of INTERNET, beloved flavors get a second life (sometimes entire brands get a new life).

When one of these culinary experiments gets cut for good, it leaves behind a core population of very sad devotees. Here are 10 bygone products that might leave you trolling eBay in hopes of finding one last case.

Coca-Cola Blāk

Launched in April 2006, this wondrous coffee-flavored soda beverage was only around for a year before Coca-Cola decided to discontinue it. In remembering the beverage, Instagram and Twitter users seem to be divided into two camps: “Dammit! Bring this back now!” group, and the “That stuff was nasty” contingent. Italy also seems to have had its own coffee-flavored espresso soda for a time, but the website isn’t in service anymore, which means we can only assume that it was pulled from the shelves too. The coffee/soda outlook is bleak, friends.

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