Disney Is Adding SFX To Your Desserts Now

If you’ve been anywhere that combines alcohol and childhood fun in recent times — think Dave & Busters, Disney World, or that one hipster bar in your hometown — you’ve seen the glowing drinks. You know what I’m talking about. Little plastic ice cubes fitted with LED lights that can be set to a variety of colors and patterns to make you feel like you’re drinking a cocktail in a futuristic dystopian bar. No matter that it costs more money or you now have a collection of sticky LED ice cubes fished from the bottom of drained cocktails. It’s cool in the moment!

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about because you hate fun and/or large crowds of drunk people, here’s me partaking of a $10 ‘Dagobah Swamp Juice’ at Star Wars Galactic Nights back in May, because Disney knows a mark when they see one.

Now Disney has taken it a step further by discovering you can stick those plastic ice cubes in anything. Freed from the shackles of specialty cocktails, the possibilities are limitless! Or at least limitless when it comes to semi-transcluent desserts, which, come to think of it is pretty limited. But I digress! Behold, the latest creation now available at Disney’s Magic Kingdom: glowing cotton candy.

The adult in me wants to scoff at this as a cheap cash grab, meant to hike up the price of already overpriced cotton candy. But the child in me is drowning out reason by screaming “I WANT TO EAT A RAINBOW GLOW CLOUD.” It’s like eating an Amblin Entertainment effect from the 1980s. How can one not feel power coursing through them as they consume cotton candy laced with streaks of red and green lightning? And more importantly, what other confections can Disney stick these plastic ice cubes in? I need a glowing popcorn ball, dang it!