Disneyland Visitors Can Look Forward To The Park’s First-Ever Brewery

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02.12.18 3 Comments


For Disney enthusiasts, the thrill of the Magic Kingdom never dissipates. A vacation may seem like it’s all about the kids, but there’s plenty for adults to savor at the park, too. With one exception: good beer. Well hold onto your fairy godmothers because that’s about to change. Adults looking to enhance the thrill of having a photograph with Sleeping Beauty can look forward to grabbing a cold one at the park’s first-ever brewery in late-2018. And, it’s a good one.

Visitors can expect a 7,3000-square-foot Ballast Point Brewing with a three barrel “research and development” brewery, restaurant, and an outdoor beer garden for adults 21 and over. For those familiar with Ballast Point, count on staples like Commodore American Stout, Dorado, and Sculpin IPA. Plus, there will be “exclusive, custom, limited-edition beers” that you can only get at the Disney locations.

In a statement, the president of Ballast Point Brewing, Marty Birkel, noted: “As one of Southern California’s premier brewers, for the team at Ballast Point, we couldn’t be more honored to work with such an icon in our great state and become the first brewer at Downtown Disney.”

Well… duh. Because they’re also going to make fistfuls of money. Downtown Disney is a cash cow for anyone lucky enough to score a spot and a brewery was much needed.

Ballast Point brews will also be worked into the seasonally-inspired menu that takes its cues from the “taste of San Diego.”If you think Disneyland is exciting now, wait until you knock back some really good beer before hopping on Star Tours.

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