This Dog And Duck Were Such Good Friends, They Had To Be Adopted Together

Sirence the dog and Thing Two the duck are best friends. And they’ve been best friends even before they both became residents at the Garland Animal Shelter in Texas. Now, the two best buddies will be able to continue their life together because someone was lucky enough to want to adopt both the dog and the duck as a package deal. Which is actually a really great deal for the adopter when you think about it. How awesome that they’ve already got two pets that love each other and will keep each other company even as they adjust to their new home?

According to Fox 4, the shelter is delighted the two best friends will remain together forever after:

“We like it when we see any animal get adopted out, but when you have a case like this, they’re bonded, we’ll call ’em brothers you know, they’re going home together so that’s our ultimate goal and I think they’ll be happy as well,” a Garland shelter worker said.

Are workers sad to see them go? Absolutely. Are they delighted that the two brothers from different mothers (and fathers, and completely different species, actually) will get to stay together? Well, that’s likely one of those “shelter success” stories they’ll be telling for years to come.

Check out the video of the happy pair up top and hope that no one ever informs them about Duck Hunt, the game that taught us all the ducks and dogs were sworn enemies when we were kids.

(Via Fox 4)