This Dog’s Ridiculous Haircut Is Why Dads Shouldn’t Be In Charge Of Certain Errands

08.08.16 3 years ago 7 Comments

Sometimes, not all the time but sometimes, when dads try to do something really nice and helpful they either do exactly the opposite or end up with hilariously unexpected results. A well-meaning dad thought that he would save a pretty penny on his son’s Shih Tzu’s monthly haircut by asking for only a “trim.” The groomer apparently told him that would cover everything except for the dog’s ears and tail, which sounds reasonable enough. The ears and tail are the most difficult parts of a dog to trim without hurting the animal and while still making it look good, and cutting more than a hundred dollars off the price of a frequent cut makes sense in theory.

Unbeknownst to him though, that decision would backfire horribly, as proven by his son’s reaction tweet after Mimi was retrieved from the groomer’s clutches.

“A rat on meth” might not be the sweetest thing to call a poor innocent animal, but it sure is an apt term for the haircut that this dog was subjected to. The good news is that hair grows back and it does so especially quickly on smaller dogs. The bad news of course is that Josh has to walk around with his dog looking like it had a particularly bad run-in with the beauticians from The Wizard of Oz.

In regards to the incident, Josh says,

“My dad never told me he was going to save money and just shave my dog. But the groomer told me what happened, so she was just doing what she was told…I was speechless”

Don’t worry Josh, Mimi will look normal again sooner rather than later. It’ll be rough going until then though.

(via Buzzfeed)

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