This Dog Can Not Even Process It When Her Favorite Gumby Toy Comes To Life

Most dogs have that one toy. You know, the one that they carry around everywhere, the one that’s like their baby, that you eventually have to mend because the stuffing starts coming out? For years my dog’s favorite toy was this awful stuff gorilla that screamed, horribly, for like 10 seconds straight when you squeezed it that was thoughtfully given to her by my mother, because where else would a toy like that come from. (No really. I even found video of it. Horrifying, right?)

Anyway, the dog named Jolene in the above video has a favorite toy, her beloved stuffed Gumby. Jolene clearly loves her Gumby very much, so much so that when one of her humans puts on a life-sized Gumby costume and surprises her with it, Jolene CANNOT EVEN. For a dog, her comic timing is impeccable, when she first spots “real Gumby” while playing with toy Gumby — which is quickly forgotten.

Like, I have watched videos on the internet of soldiers being reunited with their dogs after having been deployed for months or years, and those videos are basically garbage compared to Jolene’s excitement at seeing her best friend come magically to life in front of her incredulous doggie eyes. The joy is infectious!