You’ve Never Seen Anything Cuter Than A Dog Hugging Its Best Friend (Who Is Also A Dog)

We’ve had a lot of cute things happen in the past year: A woman was attacked by baby otters, a cat took a selfie, and a hamster did backflips. But nothing–nothing–you’ve ever seen before will prepare you for the adorable monstrosity that is one dog hugging another as a sign of friendship (and probably also for a treat, but mainly friendship).

Check out the Vine above and force yourself to stop it from looping more than five times. You can’t and neither could we! That’s because aside from the awesomeness that is the hug (God, so cute), there’s also the other dog to consider. Look at his stoic expression and how resigned he is to being claimed as a best friend. No animal slap-downs here, just some pure, unadulterated love. (And, of course, the desire for a treat.)