Watch The Harrowing Rescue Of A 17-Year-Old Dog From Deep In The Woods Of New Hampshire

An elderly Shepherd Mix was rescued from deep in the woods of Conway, New Hampshire last weekend and the video of the rescue expedition will bring tears to your eyes. Because what a rescue expedition it was. The lost dog was spotted by a local jogger, and the Conway Area Human Society had to take an ATV down a narrow logging road and walk the rest of the way to the scared animal. Then, the Human Society employees had to carry out the scared and disoriented animal back to the vehicle since it was too weak to walk confidently on its own.

As would later be discovered, the 17-year old dog’s name is Rocky and he got scared away during 4th of July fireworks last week. He is beset by old age and has cancer, so it makes sense that Rocky could not make his way out of the woods by himself.  The owner scoured the woods for days upon days to no avail and thought their beloved dog was gone for good. Thank goodness for the eagle-eyed good samaritan that originally noticed the poor pup and the Humane Society for trudging through the woods to bring him home to his family.

The most heartbreaking part of the video is how happy Rocky looks to be back with people again after so many days scared and alone in the middle of nowhere. Just re-watching the video for a few seconds already has us tearing up again.

(via People)