Donald Trump Is Now Being Accused Of Skimming Tips From Hotel Workers

03.08.16 3 years ago 2 Comments
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Is there anything that Donald Trump can do correctly? The tiny-handed, well-done steak eater is embroiled in yet another lawsuit.

According to DNAinfo, a former catering employee at the Trump SoHo Hotel is suing Trump, as well as his daughter Ivanka and son Donald Trump Jr., for withholding tips from catering staff. The plaintiff, Deborah Garcia, said that the hotel charged customers a mandatory 22 percent service fee, but then kept that fee for themselves. The lawsuit says that it’s reasonable to expect a service fee to be a “gratuity,” and that under New York law, employers are not allowed to keep fees labeled as such for themselves.

The only bigger faux pas besides ordering steak well done in the food world is not tipping. Of course, it should be noted that Donald Trump stands accused of doing both. Even worse, this isn’t him “forgetting” to add 20 percent to a meal he had somewhere; if the lawsuit’s claims are true, this is Trump systematically stiffing workers out of their tips. And until tipping is a thing of the past, most food service workers depend on those for their livelihood.

This isn’t even the only lawsuit Trump is involved in. The man running most successfully for the Republican nomination is also being sued for his Trump University scam.

(via DNAinfo)

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