Here’s Drake Showing Us All The Freaking Future Of Rideable Luggage

10.30.17 8 months ago

Uproxx / Getty

If ever Drake hears his “Hotline Bling” and needs to come “Find Your Love” and tells you “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” nothing can stop him from speeding to you, not even airport foot traffic.

The singer/rapper had apparently run out of “Energy”(we can do this all damn day!) to walk across Los Angeles International Airport, and was filmed on a friend’s Instagram trying out one of the latest travel gadgets, motorized rideable carry-on luggage. The luggage was customized with the OVO (Drake’s clothing line named after his record label, OVO Sound) logo, the golden owl.

Drake’s friend and OVO clique-mate, Mark (@ovomark), was also pretty “Hype” to be riding one of the gadgets, pointing the camera down to show his followers he had one as well, and making “skrrt” sounds as the two friends (who are presumably not “new friends,” knowing how Drake feels about those) dodged and weaved in between other travelers in the airport.

Modobag, the company that makes rideable carry-on luggage that promises to get you to your location three times faster than walking, is still in development stage and was not slated to release until November 2017. For a mere $1295, travelers who order now will receive $200 off the retail price of the bag that comes complete with dual USB charging ports, LED display and charger. For only $69 more, buyers can get the add-on — a SIM card tracking app that uses GPS/GPRS tracking with proximity alerts so you can always know where your bag is. The app works with Android and iPhone and is free to the user for one year. Of course, prices increase with more complex orders and features, like the 10-bag “company pack.”

Modobag promises safety with features like a dual wheel braking system, a high performance CNC-machined, sealed-bearing steering column, and slow speeds of 5 mph indoors and 8 mph outdoors. Even with all of the safety features promised, travelers are advised not to Drake and drive — you will end up on a flight to your ex’s house.

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