We Took The Best Parts From TV’s Coolest Cars To Build The Perfect Ride

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So your old junker of a car is on its last legs and you need another set of wheels to help get yourself around town. Sure, you could save up the money and buy a brand-spanking new vehicle to blast through the morning work commute, race off to the city’s hottest hangs after hours, or disappear on a long drive over the weekend. But why would you do such a thing when, thanks to the miracle of television, you can put together your own dream car?

Just imagine the possibilities. Considering all of the famous cars, trucks, vans and miscellaneous land contraptions fictional folks like Adam West’s Batman and Tom Selleck’s Thomas Magnum have field-tested in television’s laboratory, there are plenty of good apples to pick from. Sure, there’s always the threat of creating a dud like “The Homer” from The Simpsons, but considering the options we’ve collected below, we probably won’t be putting anyone out of business.

From Knight Rider, KITT’s Intellect

These days, the various peripherals we use regularly don’t amount to much unless the word “smart” suffixes them. Hence, the smart phones we practically live off, and — with the massive intelligence displayed by KITT in the original Knight Rider series (and the recent reboot) — smart cars. With KITT at the helm, yours will be the smartest car on the road. William Daniels not included.

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