This Dream Job Will Pay You $10K To Explore North America Looking For Colors


If the idea of trekking across the United States and Canada in search of the inspiration to name new colors of paint sounds like the type of ultra-specific dream job you’ve been holding out for, then we’re about to make your day. Behr Paint, the only architectural paint and exterior wood care supplier with a bear on their logo, is searching for a new “Color Explorer” to travel across the United States and Canada in search of new names for upcoming Behr Paint color hues. Seriously, this dream job is Dora the Explorer or color.

If you aren’t aware, the names of paint colors are amazing. Some personal favorites out of the Behr catalog include names such as Sand Dance, Standing Ovation, Elephant Skin, and Raisin in the Sun. (If you worry you don’t have what it takes to name a paint, we’ve got some cannabis strains for you. You’ll be spitting out names like Eagle’s Bottom Beak and Movie Popcorn Ennui in no time.)

If you’re lucky enough to be selected, Behr will pay you $10K and cover all of your travel expenses as you kayak the glacial blues of Lake Louise in Banff National Park, take in the sights at South Carolina’s “Rainbow Row,” and travel to any other destination Behr believes will supply you with enough inspiration, field notes, and photos to name a new hue. Behr also expects you to document the whole thing on social media and their blog.

“We’re not only giving the individual the tools and resources to find, experience, and cultivate color, but also showing them how to creatively think about each color they find and their stories from our brand’s perspective,” said Behr Paint’s Chief Marketing Officer Jodi Allen, in a press release.

After your tour, you’ll meet up with Behr’s Color Marketing team in Orange County, California and get to work thinking up new names.

To apply for the job, fill out this registration form and provide a quick 150-word blurb about what color inspires you the most and why before the May 15th deadline. No experience is necessary, but applicants must be at least 21 years old, have a valid passport, and really be into color, none of this “what’s the difference between Red Orange and Salmon?” nonsense.