Dunkin’ Donuts Does A Reverse Starbucks, Unveils Very Festive Holiday Cups

America continues to be inexplicably gripped by the Great Starbucks Holiday Cup Scandal of 2015, and now Dunkin’ Donuts has unveiled their holiday design which goes completely against the aesthetic of their coffee chain rival.

Unlike the minimalist red design of the controversy-inciting Starbucks cup, Dunkin’ Donuts has splashed the word “Joy” on their cup and thrown in additional Christmas/holiday touches here and there. It sorta resembles something your grandmother might snap up as a present at your town’s saddest mall. Here’s what it looks like, courtesy of the donut behemoth’s Instagram account and a thumb with some very distracting nail polish.

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JOY ✨ (📷 @thatgirlshaexo)

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At the moment, the pic has over 3000 likes and endless CAPS LOCK arguments in the comments. To be fair,though, no one’s ever looked for nuance and finesse in the comments section of Dunkin’ Donuts’ Instagram page.

So here’s the question: Is the cup design a sneaky dig at the backlash Starbucks is facing for their lackluster holiday spirit? The Massachusetts-based company insist the “Joy” cups have nothing to do with any of the controversy. Here’s the statement they gave CNN Money:

“For many years Dunkin’ Donuts has served coffee in festive cups featuring the word ‘joy’ as part of our annual celebration of the season and holiday offerings.”

Have fun sitting through several screaming arguments about this at Thanksgiving.

(via NECN)