Dunkin’ and Oreos Are Making A Very Delicious Baby

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking your Dunkin’ Donuts coffee on the go (and in cookie form), then your dreams have finally, finally come through. After a brief courtship and (hopefully) an easy labor, Dunkin’ and Nabisco are pleased to announce that, yes, friends, they’ve had a baby. (and it’s not Oreos’ first!)

What does that baby look (and more importantly taste) like? Well, we don’t know the answer to the second question yet — the cookie’s not out — but according to Grub Street, the usual white filling (no one’s ever going to convince us it’s vanilla; it’s white flavor and that’s all there is to it) has been replaced by Dunkin’s signature mocha flavor and will satisfy all your flavor cravings, if not your caffeine needs. (Although, how great would that be? Forget caffeine pills and big-ass lattes! Get your Jessie Spano on by eating cookies until you literally pass out!)

Here’s a pic of the packaging:

And here’s hoping that these things are just as good as they look. And they look pretty good, right? I don’t even drink coffee and I’m already sold. Of course, Oreos could come out with a “muddy river water” flavor and I’d still be into it. How can you resist?