Pop Tarts And Dunkin’ Donuts Team Up For Two New Flavors

Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks have more or less cornered the whole “morning caffeine buzz” market. That leaves Dunkin’, in particular, with a problem, as it’s pretty hard to extend your #brand beyond, well, coffee and donuts. So they’re diversifying into breakfast pastries by teaming up with Pop-Tarts.

Sadly, there isn’t a “Black Coffee” flavor, which seems to be something of a missed opportunity — not to mention the total lack of a “Large Regular” option for Boston. Instead, the Pop-Tarts will come in Chocolate Mocha and Vanilla Latte flavors, keeping with Pop-Tarts’ tendency towards sweetness.

This isn’t the first time a drink company has made a breakfast pastry. The breakfast staple recently rolled out root-beer and orange soda-flavored tarts in a deal with Pepsi, which weirdly has yet to end in the natural conclusion of a Wild Cherry Pepsi flavored Pop-Tart (Why? We’d buy it!). Still, this is a bit of a step in a new direction, since “coffee drink” flavors are an unexplored territory. But what we really want to see is what happens when Dunkin’ unleashes their donut flavors on Pop-Tarts. Nobody would ever admit to buying and eating Boston Cream Pop Tarts, but they’d do it anyway.

(via Mashable)