Durex Announced Eggplant Flavored Condoms, And People Lost Their Dang Minds

Shutterstock / Durex

Thanks to emojis, the eggplant — a once mighty vegetable — is now seen as little more than a symbol for the male genitalia, despite Instagram’s best efforts. Heck, you can even now buy a freaking vibrator in the shape of the jaunty purple emoji, if you happen to swing that way.

The eggplant emoji has become so ubiquitous that condom manufacturers Durex pulled a little joke on followers to the Durex Global Twitter account this week by announcing Aubergine (British for “eggplant”) flavored condoms. Yum! Throw a Parmesan cheese-flavored bottle of lube and a tomato sauce dental dam in there and you’ve got yourself a meal! (Hey, say what you will, but it’s still not as gross sounding as pumpkin spice condoms.)

Not surprisingly, Twitter initially failed to see the humor, and the ensuing reactions were a mix of horror, revulsion, and bewilderment.

Of course, in the end, the whole thing turned out to be a marketing stunt by Durex to try to get a condom emoji approved, which if you think about it makes perfect sense from a safe sex angle.

A condom emoji would be helpful in a variety of situations, from your standard booty call to if your man is at the corner store picking up some Häagen-Dazs and you realize that you’re out.

Come on, emoji makers! We can do this!