Meet Prince Ea, The Environmentalist And Spoken Word Artist Who Wants Us To ‘Pre-Order The Future’

04.22.16 3 years ago 5 Comments

Richard William, or Prince Ea—as he’s known from over half a billion views on YouTube and Facebook—is a rapper, spoken word artist, and passionate environmentalist. His videos focus on the power of individual growth and the importance of sustainable lifestyles. In 2008, he won Vibe Magazine’s Vibe Versus contest; in 2011, he performed on stage with Ludacris, and earlier this year he was featured in one of Oprah’s “Soulful Sunday” posts. Point being: Dude is blowing up.

In a video released yesterday, Prince Ea announced his involvement in the Pre-order the Future campaign, a collaboration with Neste that’s set to go live this Spring. The campaign has been in the works for over a year, with the goal of exploring new ways to use renewable, raw materials to create future-forward sustainable products and services. The campaign will kick-off by asking people to submit their ideas—at every level of conception—for creating a better world through the use of renewable resources.

I caught up with Prince Ea earlier this week to talk about the Pre-Order the Future campaign, how small ideas can change the world, and what the word “hustle” really means.

Can you tell me more about the Pre-order the Future campaign? What is it exactly that this campaign is setting out to do?

The Pre-order the Future campaign is a project that I’m very excited to be apart of, alongside a company called Neste—a very forward thinking company, actually. They are the world’s leading provider of renewable diesel. We met in London at a sustainable brands event and started talking. We aligned greatly in wanting to help the world, in wanting to fight climate change, so we said “hey, let’s come up with an idea to change the world.” So we came up with Pre-order the Future Campaign…we want to give people—even you—a chance to reach into the depths of your brain and find an idea, an innovation, that can change the world and make it a better place.

So we want to create a product, not only a successful product, but something that is beneficial and helpful for the world and the environment. We allow the public to submit ideas and engage, to vote for what ideas they want to see created. It is something that I don’t think has ever been done before and I’m really happy and excited to help create something that will be beneficial for future generations.

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