Eat Drink Vegan — The Biggest Vegan Food Fest Of 2019 — Is Coming To Pasadena Next Week

Eat Drink Vegan

If you’ve ever been a hungry vegan at a summer festival, you understand the struggle of finding good food on the festival grounds. Sure, festival food vendors have been stepping up their game, offering more and more vegan and vegetarian options with each passing year, but sometimes you just want to get drunk, let loose — it is summer after all — and eat everything in sight without having to worry or asking, “is this vegan?”

Well, there’s a place for that, and it’s called Eat Drink Vegan. Held in Pasadena, California on June 22nd Eat Drink Vegan is like the Coachella of vegan food, and while you won’t get to enjoy Ariana Grande’s presence (though, she is famously vegan) you will be treated to live culinary demonstrations from the food world’s biggest stars like Kogi’s Roy Choi or Ms. Chi Cafe’s Shirley Chung.

This year, Eat Drink Vegan — which originally started as the Vegan And Beer Food Festival in the parking lot of the Roxy — will be celebrating its 10th anniversary and is going big as a result, with on-site culinary pop-ups by The Raw Boy, Vegan Yack Attack, Epivegan, Sweet Simple Vegan, Spork Foods, and the Sexy Vegan, as well as the presence of hundreds of food vendors (honestly, too many to name) serving up the best vegan-friendly foods and snacks on the market, like Pizzanistas! Vegan Mac & Cheese or the BBQ “chicken wings from UK-based Temple of Seitan.

Guests will also have access to over 250 different vegan beverages, and a plant-based marketplace that sells everything from clothing to candles, packaged food, and skin care products. The culinary stage will be bringing the talents of Roy Choi, Mary Sue Milliken (Border Grill), Shirley Chung, Bruce Kalman (Union), and Marcel Vigneron (Beefsteak) for live cooking and demonstrations.

A general admission pass will score you a complimentary 4oz glass for you to receive unlimited pours of craft beer, kombucha, wine, soda, tea and cider and will cost you $55 + fees. If you want to go big — on the biggest vegan food festival in the country — spring for the VIP which will get you an 8oz glass, as well as early access to the festival grounds, and all-day fast pass for the special VIP only lines, with access to the VIP lounge and special beverages, as well as priority sign-up for the special EDV5K yoga and the Drunken Lotus wine events.

Check out the full vendor lineup here, or take a peek at some of the food that’ll be featured below!