Ecto Cooler Might Be Coming Back To Spook Everyone’s Kale Smoothies

Put down your fancy, healthy green juice because an old, sugary classic might be coming back. With the new Ghostbusters movie wrapped and getting ready for a July 2016 release, you can bet there’ll be a ton of merchandise to go along with it. Action figures! Legos! T-shirts! But it wouldn’t be Ghostbusters without one special, disgusting item: Hi-C Ecto Cooler. The neon green, Slimer-colored “fruit drink” could be making a comeback, so you can pack in all your online “how to recreate Ecto Cooler” tutorials.

According to Moviefone, word got out that Hi-C’s parent company Coca-Cola filed some papers to renew the trademark on Ecto Cooler, which originally came out as a tie-in to the animated series. The papers, originally filed back in September, were approved earlier this month. Said to be a “citrusy” flavor (because it always just tasted like “sugary green” to me), it outlasted the TV show The Real Ghostbusters by several years until it was discontinued.

Keep in mind that this renewal is just for the name and it could mean a lot of things. But considering how much more health conscious parents are when giving their kids sugary drinks nowadays, it’s probably safe to say that a new version of Ecto Cooler would be notably different from the original. Sometimes new versions of things aren’t that bad, though, right?

Source: Moviefone