How One Filmmaker Maintains An Unwavering Drive To Forgo The Ordinary And Create The Unexpected

Edward Buckles was one of the thousands of kids affected by Hurricane Katrina. Unlike others his age, Edward quickly realized how profoundly the storm had changed the course of all of their lives. He knew he was part of a generation that lived through the unthinkable, which sparked something inside of Buckles — a steadfast desire to leave his mark on the world by telling their stories as no one else ever had.

“I want to be that one that made it out and actually did something different,” he says.

A decade after the storm decimated much of New Orleans, a generation is rising up out of the silt, proving that their city may have been broken, but can never be destroyed. Buckles channels the resilient and defiant energy of his hometown every day by creating art that’s intent on shattering the status quo. There is never a moment where he is not thinking about what’s next.

In this installment of For The Restless brought to you by The Sexton Single Malt Whiskey, we experience the daily hustle of Buckles, the young filmmaker who made waves at Cannes capturing the raw celebration of the youth of New Orleans. Using his upcoming film Katrina Babies as a window, we are able to peer into Buckles’ life and discover what drives him to forgo the ordinary and create the unexpected