Every Year This School Empties Its Hallways So A Mama Duck Can Bring Her Babies Home

You guys, this is what dreams are made of! For the last 13 years, Vanessa the mama duck has been hatching little duckling babies in the courtyard of Village Elementary School in Hartland, Michigan. For those of you who don’t know, a courtyard inherently implies there is no escape if you can’t fly. So how on Earth do the fluffy baby birds get out of the courtyard? The school shuts down, of course!

When Vanessa the duck first laid her eggs in the courtyard 13 years ago, one very astute teacher named Ruth Darrah did a little research. She discovered that the newborns have to reach water 24 to 48 hours after they hatch. So Darrah came up with the idea to clear out the necessary hallways and lead Vanessa, with her chicks in tow, to freedom. It’s well over a decade later and Vanessa still lays her eggs in the same courtyard. Now, the school accommodates her by taping off a pathway and emptying out.

The first year Darrah pioneered the voyage, duck mom Vanessa was confused, but successful. And while this should go without saying because these ducks are so well educated, now it only takes her two or three minutes to get out!

Vanessa the Duck for President?! #Vanessa2016

(Via Huffington Post)