Eric Trump Allegedly Stole Lemonade From In-N-Out And The Internet Is Rightly Roasting Him For It

10.21.16 1 year ago 19 Comments


The Trump family has weathered scandal after horrifying scandal this election season. And while it’s the lead Trump — Donald, the great and terrifying pumpkin himself — that’s leading the charge, his least favorite son (assumption and speculation, okay?) Eric may just be the one to bring this whole campaign down.

You see, despite the fact that the Trump family is very, very rich, they are also very, very down to earth, what with all their eating KFC on private planes and talking about how a one million dollar loan is actually the same thing as “starting from nothing.” And of all of them, Eric — the one that bumbles around looking like a bargain brand vampire as he defends his brother’s ridiculous thoughts on Syrian refugees — seems to love being just a “normal, regular guy” the most. Well, at least that’s what the below picture, which shows Eric with a cup full of lemonade he didn’t pay for, suggests.

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