Escaped Unicorn Leads Police On Magical Chase Through California City

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The unicorn in the video above is Juliette, a headstrong pony that isn’t interested in posing for pictures. But sadly for her, the photogenic pony’s entire job is showing up at birthday parties in Madera, California with a unicorn horn and posing for photos with anyone lucky enough to have hired a mythical creature to grace their soiree. Too bad for anyone who expected Juliette to just be chill at a birthday party on Wednesday night, however. She got so bored hanging with the kids that she escaped. Twice. Leading the police on a chase via helicopter and terrifying drivers who were shocked to see a magical creature just strolling down the highway like she owned it.

From NBC Bay Area:

She was kind of running amok in some orchards with some white blooms,” said Sandra Boos, whose family owns the horse named Juliette. “So, she kind of blended in with the scenery.

“She turned out to be stealthier than we would have imagined.”

Fortunately for everyone, especially Juliette, who authorities worried might be hit by a car or cause a collision by hurtling her 500-pound body into one, the story had a happy ending. Juliette ran into a friend–another pony she’d met previously–while on the lam and decided that she was just kind of done being on her own for the day. She was quickly wrangled and “taken into custody” by authorities.

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